May 2017

A Safe Place To Run

We are very pleased to report the Meninadanca project in Brazil is going strong. They now have Pink Houses in two towns along the BR116 highway, one in Medina in the state of Minas Gerais and the other in Candido Sales in the state of Bahia.

Earlier this year we received an encouraging update from the project about two young sisters who arrived at the Pink House in Medina in a frightened state. Their clothes were torn and they weren’t wearing underwear. They explained their mother had taken them to a drugs den, where a man began to forcibly remove their clothes.

In the midst of this shocking ordeal, the girls remembered everything they had heard at the Pink House, of how much they are worth, of what is right and wrong, of how they can take control of their own lives and choose not to be victims. And so they fought back, managed to escape, and then started to run, and ran all the way to the doors of the Pink House.

Cristiane, the Pink House coordinator, was there to take them into safety where they both began to sob, telling her everything that had happened. As the sisters took a shower, put on new clothes, and then jumped into the swimming pool, Cristiane started the process of making a formal report to inform the authorities and registered the case with a federal body to ensure the local social services and judiciary are held to account.

“The fact that these two girls, at the moment they were about to become victims, made a choice to value and protect themselves is a huge victory – it’s exactly why the Pink House exists, to bring girls to understand how much they are worth and that they deserve to be respected and valued by everyone. And to be a place where they can run to, whenever they are in danger or need.”
– Meninadanca



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