Akademi Kristus

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Akademi Kristus has been established to bring hope into the lives of Indonesian youth, families and communities. They do this by developing real relationships with individuals and through delivering programs that build confidence, empower and equip individuals to achieve their goals. Their key programs are:

Martial arts – this program includes both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing classes. The classes are delivered with a focus on discipline and teach participants to respect themselves and their opponents. They are also challenging and encourage participants to learn new skills and try new approaches. Above all else, the classes are fun and create an environment where participants can feel valued, relaxed and safe.

Education – English classes are delivered to the children and youth from the area. Learning English provides local children and youth opportunities to gain future employment in the hospitality and tourism industries that are areas of significant growth in Bali.

Creative arts – Akademi Kristus delivers a creative arts program that encourages participants to use their imagination, to be creative and to express themselves. The children and youth attending the creative arts classes enjoy being able to work with materials that they do not have access to elsewhere and they thrive in an environment where they are encouraged to express their own unique style.

Specialist Education – Each week Akademi Kristus funds specialist teachers to provide education for people with a disability living in the kampung. The teachers engage the students in interactive learning activities and arts and crafts. The students are thriving with new found confidence and the classes are challenging the cultural attitude on disability with families learning that their children are capable and worth teaching.