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Meninadanca: Three New Projects In 2018

Meninadanca is going from strength to strength and they believe 2018 is going to be a crucial year in their fight against child sexual exploitation on Brazil`s BR-116 motorway. With continued support they are now well resourced and have a new goal to reach hundreds more girls in towns which have never been reached, and where a culture of abuse and child prostitution has never been challenged. Last year the Meninadanca team walked the 170-km stretch of the BR-116 motorway to raise money and awareness of their work. During the walk...
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Some Big Announcements From A2B

Hello A2B supporters. Welcome to our first newsletter for 2018! We hope this will be informative with our latest news updates and a snapshot of one of the projects we have supported. We have started the year with some significant changes to our A2B board leadership team. Sadly we said goodbye to our much loved president and secretary Rachel and Dale Hills back in February. This amazing couple has been with A2B since the very beginning and over the past four years they have both worked incredibly hard to get...
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Skills For Life

In the past year Pedra Viva has faced some incredible challenges almost forcing them to close. But due to the commitment and hard work of the organisations directors and the support of local groups the project continues to create opportunities for some of Brazils most disadvantaged children. In recent months we have received updates reporting there are now many local projects, institutions and volunteers who have been facilitating educational activities for the children to participate in. This means that in addition to the many classes run by Pedra Viva, they have also been included in a health project and learnt how...
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A Safe Place To Run

We are very pleased to report the Meninadanca project in Brazil is going strong. They now have Pink Houses in two towns along the BR116 highway, one in Medina in the state of Minas Gerais and the other in Candido Sales in the state of Bahia. Earlier this year we received an encouraging update from the project about two young sisters who arrived at the Pink House in Medina in a frightened state. Their clothes were torn and they weren’t wearing underwear. They explained their mother had taken them to a drugs den, where a man began to...
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